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Five of Pentacles

A description and interpretation of the role of The Five of Pentacles in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • financial hardship
    job loss

  • professional opportunity
    source of income


General overview

Are you looking for reliable information about the Five of Pentacles? That's good, because the Tarot is both my passion and my area of expertise! And I'm not going to hide from you that this minor arcana is not one of the most appreciated by cartomancers. In fact, the Five of Pentacles is often associated with a period of major financial difficulties, which are temporarily having a bad effect on the seeker's morale.

When the card's symbolism is analyzed, the first thing you notice is how symmetrical it is. So, there are two Pentacles at the bottom and two at the top, whilst the central coin, surrounded by plant motifs, seems cut off from the rest of the structure. The Pentacles don't communicate with each other, as if they were locked in a situation that doesn't really suit them. This arrangement, of course, reflects the financial concerns currently faced by the seeker, but also warns them against the dangers of immobility.

The Five of Pentacles encourages them to act and take the necessary steps to get out of this unpleasant situation. In life, success is often the result of the capacity for action that we all have!

Poverty is like a great light at the bottom of the heart.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    As is the case with the other cards in the suit, the Five of Pentacles deals above all with the material aspects of human life. Its impact on the seeker's relational universe is therefore particularly reduced. Nonetheless, the financial difficulties suggested by the arcana could be revealing, suggesting, for example, a test of the relationship's solidity. For a more precise analysis, you should consider the other cards in the draw.

  • from a career viewpoint

    The Five of Pentacles is not generally regarded as a favorable omen when analyzed in a reading concentrating on the professional sphere. This card is associated with the idea of lack and a period of financial crisis, which may, for example, result from the loss of a job or the failure of an investment. In any case, the card encourages you to think about your relationship with money and the means you need to implement to enjoy a more serene life.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    Times of crisis are interesting because they allow you to question everything to do with your life. In a society that values social success, encountering financial difficulties offers you a unique opportunity to question your priorities in order to defeat this frenzied quest for prosperity that often prevents you from enjoying the true pleasures of life. Think about this!

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      financial hardship
      job loss

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      When analyzing its influence in the short term, the Five of Pentacles most often reflects a period of lack, insecurity or poverty. In a money-driven society, financial difficulties can permanently undermine the morale of those who go through them. You should accept the need to share your problems with the people you trust. They will be able to give you the moral or material support that you are deeply in need of at this moment. So put your ego aside and accept their help!

    • long-term

      In the long run, the Five of Pentacles will allow you to question your relationship with money and material success. Although you should never overlook the importance of financial stability, ask yourself if this alone constitutes the foundation of your self-fulfillment. If you concentrate too much on your career, do you risk missing out on all the small pleasures which make life worth living? So, don't hesitate to question the things that have driven you until now and the meaning you want to give to your life. Your personal fulfillment will inevitably depend on the answers you give yourself!

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Five of Pentacles upright

    It goes without saying that the Five of Pentacles is not necessarily the most sought after arcana in a divinatory tarot draw. When it appears upright, the card often reflects the financial difficulties the seeker is currently facing, a situation that naturally tends to undermine their morale. Anyone who has been in need knows how much the lack of money is likely to weaken the strongest people.

    As the Wheel of Fortune teaches, no situation is irreversible and rough patches are often succeeded by blue skies. During this complicated period, it will be important the seeker doesn't become withdrawn and that they try to share their worries with people they trust. They will be able to offer the seeker the moral or financial support essential to their development.

    When you are faced by major difficulties, it can also be fruitful to take some time to think about what really drives you in life. By targeting money and financial success as the main sources of happiness, it is very easy to neglect other areas that are also essential to your growth, such as leisure, love, friends and family.

    Interpretation of The Five of Pentacles reversed

    Counter intuitively, the inverted Five of Pentacles is traditionally considered a beneficial card for those who draw it, the card often testifying to the end of a period of major financial difficulties. After suffering the negative consequences of a poor investment, a job loss or a long period of inactivity, the seeker can now feel more serene as they look at their future.

    During this difficult time, the unfailing support of their family allowed them to bounce back as quickly as possible. Today, they are being presented with a new professional opportunity. And they intend to take full advantage of it!