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Knight of Pentacles

A description and interpretation of the role of The Knight of Pentacles in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • rigor
    material goods
    financial success

  • stubbornness


General overview

As is the case with all the Knight cards, the Knight of Pentacles translates the setting up of an action or the arrival of a person likely to profoundly influence the seeker's fate. Let's take a closer look at the character traits specific to this character, that is much appreciated by cartomancers.

Not surprisingly, the arcana shows a young adult riding a horse that seems to guide his steps. Contrary to the bellicose attitude of the Knight of Swords, the behavior of this knight seems completely serene. Completely in agreement with the laws of society, that he does not wish to change in any way, he represents the quiet force capable of crossing the highest peaks by dint of self-sacrifice. The stick he holds in his hands helps his forward march and is an obvious symbol of earthly power. The balance of blue and red on the card testify to his emotional harmony, a good balance between action and instinct.

Do not believe, however, that the Knight of Pentacles is a person who is close to his emotions. Although he may sometimes agree to some introspection, it is only to get a better understanding of the goals that drive him. Once his goals are defined, his energy will be fully deployed in his quest for recognition. In fact, the most important thing of all for him is the financial security of his family. Social status is his holy grail. It's not surprising, therefore, to note that his eyes seem fixed to the coin from whence he gets his name. This large coin is, of course, the symbol of his prosperity, but also strangely like a shield. The rider has a tendency to be locked into his principles and is not especially noted for his open-mindedness.

Rigor is austerity plus hope.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    The action of the Knight of Pentacles is almost exclusively turned towards his material success. In other words, this card will not have a strong influence on the seeker's romantic life. However, it can be associated with a conception of an extremely traditional love, based not on empathy and communication, but on the financial security of the two protagonists. For this card, love is not a priority but the relationship is necessary because it represents the societal norm.

  • from a career viewpoint

    It is certainly in the professional field that the undeniable qualities of the Knight of Pentacles flourish most naturally. According to him, a successful career goes hand in hand with social recognition and the accumulation of wealth. His action thus unfolds in response to these notions. As such, he will be able to count on his extraordinary dedication and his ability to establish the most effective strategies possible. Thanks to these strengths, his career plan will soon be profitable.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    Deeply rooted in the material realities of society, the Knight of Pentacles will have no trouble securing his future. He will quickly be faced with an important life choice: what to do with the wealth he has accumulated? The first choice will be to keep his money for himself, his family and his heirs, in a conception of life that some people will definitely describe as bourgeois. What about the second choice? To broaden his awareness and become more anchored in the humanistic values of sharing and empathy.

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    • Knight of Pentacles

      material goods
      financial success

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Knight of Pentacles usually announces success and achievement in your professional life. The fruits of your labors are about to be rewarded. So you can be proud of your accomplishments and the progress you have made. It's now about taking advantage of your well-deserved prosperity.

    • long-term

      In the long term, the Knight of Pentacles teaches the benefits of rigor and consistency. In a money-driven world, physical security is often the first step towards well-being. However, it will be important not to forget the other parts of life, namely friendship, love and leisure.

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Knight of Pentacles upright

    Like other Tarot court cards, the Knight of Pentacles must firstly be considered as an archetype of human psychology. His character traits may relate directly to the seeker or to one of their family or friends. This is why it's always important to look at the whole draw in order to properly understand his message.

    When he appears upright, the Knight of Pentacles is a highly methodical character whose action is entirely directed towards material success. His impressive consistency allows him to look calmly at his future, which he envisages as being extremely bright. Deeply committed to the respect of tradition, this character appreciates having a form of routine and can tirelessly repeat the same gestures when he associates them with success. Although his character is not original or revolutionary, it will at least allow him to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

    The Knight of Pentacles demonstrates an extraordinary capacity for reflection, which favors the creation of a well-thought out career plan and particularly effective strategies. He also has a keen sense of commitment and always assumes his responsibilities. In short, his family and colleagues can rely on him.

    From a relationship point of view, the Knight of Pentacles is not well known for his qualities of empathy and sensitivity. He also misunderstands the sensitivities of some of the people around him. However, he is proud of his values; he shows great loyalty and always responds when called. In a couple, his calm temperament and social success are factors that encourage security.

    Interpretation of The Knight of Pentacles reversed

    When the Knight of Pentacles appears upside down in a divinatory tarot draw, it can refer to 2 different situations. In the first case, the draw reflects the seeker's difficulty in anchoring themselves in the material realities of the world. So, their projects are then perceived as sources of worry. Sometimes the seeker can't keep up the pace and they never reach their objectives. To overcome this state of affairs, they will need to gain confidence in their capabilities and develop greater qualities of consistency.

    In the second, contrary, case, the inverted Knight of Pentacles testifies to the seeker's over involvement in their professional life. The need for security and accumulation turns into an obsession, which can, of course, affect the quality of their relationships. They will need to remember that personal fulfillment also requires a complete social and/or romantic life.