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Knight of Swords

A description and interpretation of the role of The Knight of Swords in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • obstinacy

  • impulsiveness


General overview

Sometimes difficult to follow and understand, the Knight of Swords is not always well received by cartomancers. As always, it is necessary to take a step back in order to understand why this is, but also to get a better understanding of this card's characteristics. I would like to remind Tarot beginners that the court cards in the minor arcana are traditionally associated with an archetype of human psychology, whether it relates to the seeker themselves or to one of the people around them.

The Knight of Swords' card features an adult knight, on the back of a powerful horse with blue hooves. This color highlights the fit between the character and his horse, but also how receptive the animal is to orders from its master. The two protagonists are represented in 3/4 view, their gazes focused to the right. The rider carries a long sword in his left hand, which symbolizes his determination and power and his great capacity for action.

Associated with the element of air element and the suit of spades from a traditional deck, the Knight of Swords represents excellent control of thought and an appreciation for setting things in movement. Determined to achieve his goal, he announces a fierce struggle, a major disruption that is frightening at first sight but necessary for anyone who would like to change their lives and act in accordance with the things that are important to them.

When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him into places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    When considered for a romantic reading, the Knight of Swords’ card is not immediately associated with fairy tale love affairs. Indeed, this protagonist is so sure of his mission that it is sometimes difficult for him to take other points of view into consideration. This is, of course, not ideal in the context of a romantic relationship. The Knight of Swords, however, is a gentleman who knows how to value the social structure he has created for himself. So long-lasting love is very much a possibility with him.

  • from a career viewpoint

    The unwavering determination and selflessness of the Knight of Swords are qualities that are strongly valued in the professional field. They allow him to act without restriction, in full respect of the values that are important to him. Individualistic by nature, the character will have no scruples when it comes to climbing the ladder, even if he needs to hinder other people from doing so in order to succeed. Full of ambition, the young knight is not afraid of responsibilities and enjoys managing his small team.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    The Knight of Swords teaches that personal accomplishment often comes through vitality and movement, and sometimes even by taking risks that some people won't hesitate to characterize as insane. This strongly impulsive behavior can be very effective when it comes to dealing with obstacles and continuing forward.

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Knight of Swords is synonymous with the concrete decision to act and setting in motion. The arcane is thus associated with a resolutely impulsive temperament, which is sometimes necessary for you to extricate yourself from a situation that no longer suits you and reinvent a life that is more in line with your values. Keep in mind, however, that this overflowing energy does not always reflect something well-thought out. You still need to be a little mistrustful and think patiently before taking drastic decisions.

    • long-term

      In the long run, the Knight of Swords teaches the virtues of patience and temperance. His strong character and determination have certainly allowed him to overcome the most complex obstacles, but they have also dragged him into very difficult situations. It is therefore essential to keep in mind that personal fulfillment results from the happy marriage of action and reflection. Be careful when the scale leans too much to one side.

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Knight of Swords upright

    Before looking more closely at the message conveyed by the Knight of Swords, I think it's important to recall the function of the knights in the world of the Tarot. These 4 protagonists always announce the arrival of an important change, the establishment of an action or the growing influence of a person in the seeker's life.

    Above I told you that the Knight of Swords is not always well liked by Tarot specialists. The reason is very simple: we are dealing here with the most determined character in the world of cartomancy. Completely obsessed with his quest, the young knight has no hesitation in acting impetuously, often ignoring the potential consequences of his actions.

    What might at first sight seem like a serious defect is actually an undeniable asset. This extraordinary capacity for action favors setting things in motion and the accomplishment of predefined goals. The Knight of Swords is a character that is sure of his strength and who always deploys his strengths towards success. These features are particularly useful for anyone who wants to climb the social ladder and enjoy a life of material opulence. However, the character's natural impulsiveness will need to be counterbalanced with a little temperance.

    Interpretation of The Knight of Swords reversed

    Drawing the Knight of Swords reversed is not usually considered a good omen, although it must be remembered that the card should be analyzed in conjunction with the others in the draw. In fact, this character's defects are well known; his legendary impulsiveness sometimes leading him into dead ends or along paths he didn't really want to tread. To act without taking the time to reflect means accepting you are at risk of error. Although it is essential to act, you need to pay attention to the consequences of your decisions, or you risk paying a heavy price.

    In the social sphere, the inverted Knight of Swords is notable for his lack of empathy. Obsessed by his ambition, he finds it next to impossible to take other people's views into account and is particularly aggressive towards those who stand in his way. With him, therefore, the risk of isolation and conflict is high.