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Queen of Wands

A description and interpretation of the role of The Queen of Wands in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • determination
    material success

  • aggression


General overview

Associated with the element of fire, the suit of Wands also corresponds to the suit of diamonds in a traditional card game. The Queen of Wands thus has the characteristics specific to this suit, plus those that belong to its function as a court card.

It is therefore hardly surprising that this minor arcana depicts a young woman with long wavy hair, wearing an imposing golden crown. Her curly hair also reflects her strong character, her passion and her ability to act. And don't forget that the stick she holds resting against her, in her right hand, is a symbol of pure masculine energy. It represents action, and the dynamism essential to movement. Like a scepter, the stick is a reference to power; it is also a universal aid to walking and can be used as a weapon if the Queen feels threatened.

The predominantly red color of the Queen of Wand's robe testifies to her capacity to act. The blue skirt manifests her attachment to the world of emotions and instinct. Although very attached to planning and carrying out projects, the young woman is also seductive and knows how to arouse desire. For this reason, the folds of her dress and the position of her hands seem to emphasize her female sex. With the Queen of Wands, passion and voluptuousness are never far away!

Be bold, and everywhere be bold.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    In the sentimental domain, the Queen of Wands represents someone full of life and enthusiasm, sure of her strength and her capacity for seduction. It is therefore a very positive sign for the seeker. Loving and honest, she is the symbol of a lasting love that never rests on its laurels. Travels, relocations, new hobbies: with her, nothing is set in stone and only love lasts.

  • from a career viewpoint

    The qualities of the Queen of Wands are very useful in the professional sphere. A real source of ideas, she is able to carry out complex projects bringing her team in her wake. Her infectious enthusiasm and exceptional creativity are seductive. The character is often considered as the archetype of the natural leader, the ruler, the woman of power.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    With regard to your life path the Queen of Wands teaches the virtues of action and courage. Although thought has its place, action is essential for anyone who wants to achieve their objectives and not get bogged down in a stifling routine. It is only by deploying your energy wisely that you can fulfill your destiny!

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Queen of Wands will result in a welcome boost of overflowing energy, which will allow you to really enjoy all the small pleasures of life. You will be getting involved in lots of activities and will gather a circle of friends around you. The period is also ideal if you want to launch new projects, especially in the professional sphere.

    • long-term

      In the long term, the Queen of Wands will encourage you to give your best towards attaining your ambitions. You have all the qualities you need to achieve your dreams, so don't hesitate to get started and never lose hope if obstacles temporarily slow down your progress!

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Queen of Wands upright

    When drawn upright the Queen of Wands testifies to the extrovert nature of the seeker or that of a person likely to play a lasting part in their life. The unparalleled dynamism and resolutely positive vision of life that are represented by this character are very seductive. Full of vitality, this young woman likes to explore her passions to the full and never stays in one place long. Aware of the ephemeral nature of life, the Queen of Wands intends to enjoy every moment that destiny gives her.

    This extraordinary strength is also a valuable asset. It allows her to think calmly about the future and to carry out the most daring projects. Confident in her abilities, very aware of the goals she wants to achieve, the Queen of Wands learned very young to take charge and stay on course when things become difficult. A rare constancy from which she also obtains her emotional balance.

    From the point of view of interpersonal relationships, the Queen of Wands is a particularly sociable person whose company is sought after. Although at first glance she may seem a little temperamental and she certainly likes to attract attention, the links she has with her family and friends are deeply caring. She will never give up a companion during the battle and will be able to give advice to anyone who asks for it.

    Interpretation of The Queen of Wands reversed

    When drawn upside down, the Queen of Wands can become particularly difficult to live with. As usual, the draw may refer to a specific aspect of the seeker's life or to a character trait of a person important to them. For example, when reversed, this card is frequently associated with some form of stubbornness, which may be related to the person's obsessive nature. While it is important to do everything possible to achieve your goals, it is also essential to keep an open mind and learn when to say enough is enough if your strength is failing. Sometimes the Queen of Wands will be aggressive with those who are hindering her progress, an intolerance that may ultimately damage her reputation. The demands she makes on herself will also push her to make negative judgments about others, making any form of cohabitation difficult.