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The Moon

A description and interpretation of the role of The Moon in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • intuition

  • fears


General overview

Like The Star and The Sun, the Moon is part of the large family of Tarot cards that represent planets. It is also one of the cards that are complex to analyze, as seen in the fascination or loathing it arouses among the followers of cartomancy.

The visual appearance of the Moon is distinguished by the complexity of the scene it presents, but also by the connections established between its different elements. There are three of them: the moon, the two dogs and the crayfish.

The Moon occupies the highest plane of the card. It is represented by a yellow crescent on which appears a blue human face in profile. It illuminates the scene with multicolored rays, which connect the different parts of the card. This is not a coincidence, this planet being known to influence the tides, the menstrual cycle of women, and also moods.

At the bottom of the scene, a blue crayfish bathes in a waterhole and seems to turn towards the moon. Because it feeds on decaying material, the crayfish is frequently associated with fears and regression. And aren't they believed to go forwards by swimming backwards? Let's not be too sure of ourselves. Its attitude may also reflect a certain desire for spiritual elevation.

The two dogs also interact with the Moon, as if to show their attraction to it. Don't forget that this animal is the guardian of the door to the underworld in many mythologies. It is also known for its unfailing loyalty and faithfulness to humankind. It is difficult, therefore, to get a fixed idea of the symbolism involved here. Let's not forget after all that the moon reigns over the night and protects its mysteries fiercely, so it's normal that it isn't easily unveiled during a draw!

Some people’s genius lies in having ceaseless ideas, for others it comes from ceaselessly paying attention.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    The mystery of the moon is often associated with secret love and undisclosed passion. It also testifies to the possibility of a particularly striking meeting or the existence of a fusional relationship in which the seeker will feel as if they are completely connected to their other half. Although very attractive at first glance, this union can bring to the fore all the hidden facets of their personality, with the discoveries and unpleasant surprises that this implies.

  • from a career viewpoint

    In the professional field, the Moon will be particularly favorable to the seeker's development if they are involved in professions centered around the values of sharing, creativity and communication. You would immediately think of the artistic professions and trades that have humanitarian bases. The values conveyed by family businesses are also indicated.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    From a general point of view, the message of this arcana is difficult to analyze without taking into account the influence of the other cards in the draw. The Moon, however, presages a critical period in which the power of emotion and instinct will play an important role. The impact on the life of the seeker may be beneficial, but can also be more nuanced.

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      When analyzed in the short term, the Moon reflects the need for introspection that you are currently experiencing. Your situation may not be ideal and you are looking for solutions that you haven't yet found. If you see the beginning of a path inside yourself, be sure to keep your decisions detached, calm and reasoned.

    • long-term

      In the long term, the Moon teaches you to trust your intuition and get closer to your emotions. It will be a valuable help to you as you develop and will encourage you to make choices that accord with your deepest feelings. However, always make sure that you don't allow it too much influence!

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Moon upright

    Some Tarot specialists consider the Moon as the guardian of shadows, and the mistress of secrets buried in the depths of the human soul. For this reason, their reading of the card is tinged with suspicion and caution. However, it is possible to see in the Moon a deeply beneficial character, able to emancipate you from your fears and reveal your hidden potential to you. Let's just keep in mind that the analysis of this arcana is heavily influenced by the other cards in the draw.

    In general, the Moon is a valuable tool for those who want to get a better understanding of how their psychology works and get closer to their emotions. In this way it can be considered a passive card, in that it is not directly related to the idea of action. Make no mistake though, by highlighting the power of your intuition and allowing you to get a better grasp on the workings of your subconscious, this arcana lays the foundations for motion.

    Naturally associated with the world of night and by extension with your primary fears, the Moon also confronts you with the blockages and repressed wounds which often prevent you from advancing. For this reason, it is particularly appreciated for its ability to free you from the things that are suffocating you. By making you face your buried pain, the mystery of the night helps to transform you into an enlightened being.

    Interpretation of The Moon reversed

    As is often the case in an inverted draw, when the Moon appears upside down it can be considered a warning. In this context, the arcana clearly refers to the exploration of the imaginary and the unconscious, with all the darkness that this inner journey can induce. It is therefore not uncommon for it to refer too directly to certain painful memories from childhood or to unresolved wounds. There are good reasons these traumatic events usually remain hidden inside us. To confront them without being properly prepared necessarily causes some form of pain.

    Sometimes, the inverted Moon translates as the seeker's marked propensity for existing in the world of the imagination. In this case, it will be a question of not being carried away by these flows of emotions and thoughts, and of becoming more firmly anchored in the concrete reality of everyday life.