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Three of Cups

A description and interpretation of the role of The Three of Cups in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • conflict resolution
    good relationships

  • blockages
    internal conflicts


General overview

In the world of the Tarot, the Three of Cups is usually considered to be a card highly favorable to the emotional life of those who have the luck to draw it. As you saw earlier, the Ace of Cups represents the purest form of emotion associated with this suit. The Two of Cups is linked to the progressive germination of feelings. On the other hand, the Three of Cups is a truly active card, that corresponds to the liberation of accumulated energies.

From a visual point of view, the card features three golden cups with open tops. Two are on the bottom half of the card. The third, above them, is surrounded by two leaves, folded as if they wanted to protect the contents of the cup. Their stems are growing from a solid pillar located between the two bottom cups. Together they form a heart which recalls the emotional characteristics of this card.

Symbolically, this complex structure conveys great gentleness. Because of the way the card should be read (from bottom to top), the upper cup should be considered as the result of the union of the two lower cups, like the fruit of a true love, or the birth of a child.

You should also note the white background that some tarot versions have. This obvious emblem of purity suggests that when searching for a soul mate the seeker can consider all possibilities.

That thing which is more complicated and astonishing than the harmony of the spheres: a couple.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    The Three of Cups is, of course, intimately linked to the seeker's romantic life. It usually conveys beautiful ideas of emotional harmony, communication and sharing. That is why it is often associated with a long-lasting couple, within which each person will be able to count on the tenderness and the unconditional support of the other. For singles, the Three of Cups is also a good omen. It goes hand in hand with action that will encourage meetings. Leading perhaps to a stable relationship?

  • from a career viewpoint

    Like all the cards of this suit, the influence of the Three of Cups is almost exclusively over the seeker's emotions. Its impact in the professional field is therefore limited. However, as this card is associated with the idea of sharing and empathy, it can sometimes promote joint projects and teamwork. The seeker should then expect good communication among their staff.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    When analyzed from the perspective of the seeker's life path, the Three of Cups highlights, perhaps better than any other card in the Tarot, the benefits of sharing and tenderness. Emotions are the deepest part of being human and feeling loved is one of the best feelings the world has to offer. In a society marked by individualism and resolutely turned towards material success, the connections that link you to other people should never be neglected.

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      conflict resolution
      good relationships

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Three of Cups indicates the end of an internal conflict or the resolution of a complex situation. The things that were making you tense are gradually being resolved and you are now ready to really enjoy being with your other half and your friends. They will create the little moments of joy and sharing that are essential to your well-being.

    • long-term

      In the long run, the Three of Cups encourages you to be guided by the beautiful emotions of love, tenderness and empathy. These qualities make you what you are and contribute greatly to your fulfillment. Spend a little less time worrying about your career and dedicate your energy to spending memorable moments with your family and friends.

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Three of Cups upright

    The Three of Cups is an active card linked to relationships and the sensitivities that all human beings share. In this way it greatly promotes harmony within a group of friends. The obligations of everyday life sometimes make you forget the importance of your friends and family and the role they play in your well-being. However, the Three of Cups encourages people to get together. It is a sign that the seeker is now in the right frame of mind to enjoy harmonious relationships and is also ready to help when one of their circle needs them. In order to learn how to develop your friendships you have to accept that it means being part of a group and understanding the common values that connect you to others. This is not really a question of the simple, small pleasures of life but more about the quest for unity that is fundamental to human beings.

    And, of course, the seeker's emotional being is strongly influenced by the Three of Cups. Just as it promotes harmony in friendship, so the card promotes harmony within a couple. It can, for example, announce the end of a conflict, whether it was internal or external to the seeker, and a favorable outcome. All the ingredients to create a long-term relationship have now been assembled. They will provide the seeker with tenderness, the ability to listen carefully, and immense amounts of support.

    Sometimes the Three of Cups also conveys the idea of evolution. It is likely that having overcome their emotional trauma, the seeker finally feels able to open their heart again and commit to a serious relationship. Because, after all, what's better in life than loving and being loved?

    Interpretation of The Three of Cups reversed

    While it is difficult to precisely analyze the influence of the Three of Cups without taking into account the other arcana in the draw, it is possible to highlight two extremely frequent cases.

    Sometimes the inverted Three of Cups testifies to the seeker's difficulty in forging lasting relationships with their circle of friends. If they are under the influence of the Suit of Pentacles, for example, this difficult situation is most often the result of being too involved in their career accompanied by a rigidity of behavior that is not very compatible with the world of relationships.

    In other situations, the Three of Cups can signify that a third person is involved in the seeker's romantic life. This means that the desire to become one that is inherent in a couple is undermined by the nascent feelings of one of the two partners for a person outside the relationship. To prevent the situation from escalating, they will need diplomacy and to try to understand together the reason for this bad patch. In this situation communication will play a crucial role.