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Three of Pentacles

A description and interpretation of the role of The Three of Pentacles in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • concretization
    long-term projects

  • sloppiness
    professional rivalries


General overview

Before looking more specifically at the visual aspect of the Three of Pentacles, I thought it would be a good ideal to recall the function of the Threes in the world of the Tarot. The Aces constitute the bases on which the characteristics proper to each suit rest, namely the emotions, the intellect, the self and creativity. The Twos are associated with ideas of accumulation and introspection. The Threes testify to the liberation of patiently stored energies, a principle of action that is definitely beneficial for the seeker's development. With the Three of Pentacles, it is material objects and social success that are highlighted.

When analyzing this card's symbolism, you should first note the vegetation that spreads over its whole surface. On the lower part of the card, two of the Pentacles are located outside these branches. They act as the pillars of development and fulfillment. The third coin is found nestled between plant motifs. Placed at the top of the card it represents the aspiration to the spiritual that every human being experiences, sooner or later.

The symbolic message of the Three of Pentacles can thus be analyzed as follows: to be able to aspire to the divine, the seeker will first need to find their true nature in the material realities of life.

Persistence brings success.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    If you think that love and the professional sphere don't mix, it's time to think again! It's impossible to find your soul mate if you don't have any opportunities to meet people. And isn't work a good place to develop new relationships and build close ties with colleagues? For couples, the Three of Pentacles reflects the stability of their relationship, the ability of both partners to plan for the future and their desire to share a life together.

  • from a career viewpoint

    The Three of Pentacles is always considered a good omen for those who wish to flourish in their professional life. For this reason, this card is often associated with the idea of social success. Although their situation may not yet be perfectly stable, the seeker has all the qualities they need to climb the ladder, namely motivation, self-sacrifice and the ability to visualize their future. Their financial future looks particularly interesting.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    The Three of Pentacles teaches that it is essential to launch yourself into action if you want to achieve your objectives. So, this card is closely linked to the implementation of plans or the creation of a strategy that will ultimately enable the seeker to ensure their financial security. They already have a clear vision of their world and of the means they need to use to make that vision concrete. All that remains now is for them to respect the principles they have decided to live by!

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Three of Pentacles encourages you to persevere on the path you have committed to. Recently, taking a step back has allowed you to define your professional goals more concretely so that today you know the actions you need to make in order to achieve them. You're no longer happy to be lulled by pretense or by passing desires. You've got a well-thought out career plan and your eyes are firmly fixed on the future.

    • long-term

      What's the fundamental message of the Three of Pentacles in the long run? The importance of planning and self-sacrifice. Defining your life goals is only the first step of your quest. You will also need to persevere with your efforts and hold onto the course you have set, even when difficulties hinder your forward progress. Being stable is the sine qua non of your future success!

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Three of Pentacles upright

    When the Three of Pentacles appears in a divinatory tarot draw, it is usually seen as an encouragement, a message that urges you to persevere on the path you have chosen. Under its influence, you are now sure of what you want to achieve and of the means you need to use to achieve it.

    With this card there is no question of being aimless or living from day to day; the Three of Pentacles is pressing you to plan your future as soon as possible. The ideas that you have been patiently maturing are now bearing fruit and being externalized. You have understood how to clear your mind in order to define your objectives.

    When you are faced with a choice, decisions seem easier to make. Your path has been traced. It will quickly lead you to a bright future, especially when it comes to career planning, financial investment and social success. By dint of your selflessness, willingness and dedication, your dreams will soon become more real.

    Interpretation of The Three of Pentacles reversed

    On the other hand, an inverted Three of Pentacles often reflects the difficulties the seeker has in envisaging their future. At the moment, their head is full of conflicting information, all shouting to be heard. It's difficult for them to see clearly. Patience will be their best ally. It will eventually allow them to restore order to their ideas, gradually prioritizing the information they have. It is only then that the seeker will be able to establish their action plan and set their course towards the horizon.

    In other draw configurations, the reversed Three of Pentacles underlines the harmful working atmosphere the seeker is currently in. Although they have defined their objectives, their current context does not necessarily lend itself to achieving them. Rivalries between colleagues are becoming more apparent and contribute to slowing down teamwork. They also tend to impact the seeker's performance and momentarily divert them from their long-term plans.