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Two of Pentacles

A description and interpretation of the role of The Two of Pentacles in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • balance

  • financial difficulty


General overview

Unlike the series of Aces which tend to refer to the idea of expansion, the Twos are usually associated with ideas of accumulation and germination. This characteristic makes the Two of Pentacles a card that is often misunderstood by cartomancers, since its energy is more usually felt in the seeker's inner world, rather than being expressed in the concrete manifestations of action.

From a general point of view, the Two of Pentacles most often represents material life and the accumulation of physical wealth. Whether it is about money or objects, it speaks above all about possession and concrete achievements that the seeker can boast about. From a visual point of view, what is particularly remarkable about the card is the long, s-shaped blue ribbon. Between its loops, are the two Pentacles for which the suit is named.

In some versions of the tarot, three small snakes can be seen on the ribbon itself. They are there to remind you of the deeply terrestrial character of the Two of Pentacles, as if the seeker were obliged to accept with open arms society's imperative to develop. The plant motifs adorning the end of the ribbon also convey the idea of materiality.

Three things are absolutely essential: the first is money, the second is money and the third is money.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    People looking for a romantic omen will find them completely lacking with the Two of Pentacles as this card only exert its influence in the seeker's professional life. However, depending on the other cards drawn in the session, it can refine the overall analysis of the draw, by testifying, for example, to the existence of a certain material security within the relationship which is, of course, a strong foundation for its development and solidity.

  • from a career viewpoint

    The professional world is by nature the favorite playground of the suit of Pentacles. And the Two of Pentacles is, of course, no exception to the rule, although its influence in the seeker's life is not always immediately palpable. So, this card evokes the germination of an idea, the thoughts the seeker will dedicate to the professional or financial choices facing them today. Sometimes the Two of Pentacles also conveys the idea of partnership or a joint commercial adventure.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    In a "life path" draw analysis, the Two of Pentacles obviously reminds you of the essential role money plays in personal fulfillment. It also puts you face to face with your choices and your responsibilities. Material success isn't a matter of chance, it is the result of informed decisions and steady work.

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Two of Pentacles faces you with a choice. It could, for example, concern several particularly attractive professional opportunities that you will have to decide between. Remember that a long-term choice is always the result of careful thought. So you can shoulder your responsibilities better in the future you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each situation and not fall into the trap of precipitation.

    • long-term

      When you look at the long-term influence of the Two of Pentacles, it is the need for equilibrium that immediately comes to mind. Love, friendship, work, leisure, travel: the possibilities offered by life are almost endless. Remember, however, that it is totally impossible to be fully involved in all these areas. You will have to learn to skillfully juggle between your needs and your pleasures.

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Two of Pentacles upright

    The Two of Pentacles is certainly not the easiest card to understand in the world of the Tarot. However, below is the most frequent interpretation made by cartomancy specialists.

    The complexity of the analysis is mainly the result of the card's duality. It is most often understood as a need for balance, the need the seeker has to skillfully juggle the different facets of their life. Of course, material and financial success make a big contribution to personal growth. As the fruits of your self-sacrifice they remind you of the effort made and help guarantee your long-term security. However, human life cannot be reduced to just the professional sphere. The seeker's well-being is inevitably the result of perfect harmony between the different parts of their life. The Two of Pentacles faces you with a choice: which area of your life should be favored to achieve this sought after balance?

    From a more prosaic point of view, the arcana can also testify to the existence of two professional opportunities which the seeker will need to decide between. Here again, their decision-making ability will be useful.

    Interpretation of The Two of Pentacles reversed

    When it appears upside down in a divination tarot draw, the Two of Pentacles usually refers to one of two situations.

    The first of these is the difficulty the seeker is having in looking after their finances. As you have seen, the suit of Pentacles is always about material success and the accumulation of wealth. At this point the seeker is not as good as usual at shouldering their responsibilities, perhaps because they are under too much psychological stress from a family problem or a career choice that doesn't suit them very well. Looking inwards will help them to cross this phase.

    In other situations, the card translates a form of imbalance. The seeker is having trouble juggling the different facets of their life. By spreading themselves too thin, the objectives they have set have become more like far-fetched fantasies than concrete projects. The only solution will be to spend some time thinking and work out precisely what means they need to implement to solve the problem. This is a must for anyone who wants to focus on what really matters.