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Two of Swords

A description and interpretation of the role of The Two of Swords in the Tarot

In a nutshell...


  • conflict

  • antagonism


General overview

Would you like to improve your knowledge of the world of the divination tarot and today are looking for reliable information about the Two of Swords? To fully understand the meaning of the card you first need to look at the role of the Twos.

According to the art of cartomancy, the Twos are cards that are particularly difficult to understand, in that they translate above all the idea of the accumulation of energies and ideas. You should also note how The High Priestess (arcana II) remains perfectly immobile on her throne, as if deeply rooted in the world she governs. The Hanged Man (arcana XII), also associated with the number 2, is firmly attached by the legs, head down, and in turn totally unable to move.

So the Two of Swords is not crossed by an expansive energy. It is primarily related to awareness and the accumulation of projects. From a visual point of view, the card depicts a flower positioned in the center of an oval-shaped structure. It is the symbol of the germination of ideas in the seeker's inner world. The two swords that surround it should be considered as the chaos of ideas that propagate in our mental universe. They constitute a barrier to the externalization of your projects, which you will, of course, need to learn to overcome.

The mind discerns and chooses but it is the soul that breathes life.


  • from an emotional viewpoint

    From a romantic point of view, the Two of Swords testifies to doubts in which the seeker finds themselves immersed. Concerned about the permanence of their relationship, moved by a desire for emotional perfection, they are currently hesitating between two people or two different situations. Should they leave or should they persevere with this relationship? Only the seeker knows the answer. Their intuition and intimate knowledge of their desires will soon help them to decide.

  • from a career viewpoint

    The same idea of indecision is conveyed by the Two of Swords when it is analyzed as part of a professional life reading. Confronted with a career choice, the seeker is finding it impossible to make a decision. They need to get on and weigh the benefits of each situation and not wallow in their inertia. If, after reflection, the seeker still can't choose, it may be because a third solution would please them more! Patience is king in the field of ideas.

  • from a life path viewpoint

    Patience is one of the great teachings of the Two of Swords. When faced with a choice, a feeling of urgency often forces you to act inappropriately. Each of your decisions is likely to profoundly influence your destiny, so it is essential to always take your time and not give in to impulsiveness. The choices you make should always be the result of a subtle alliance of reason, instinct and emotion. A balance sometimes difficult to reach.

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    Its influence

    • short-term

      In the short term, the Two of Swords is associated with a major period of doubt, which will tend to shake your daily life and your most deeply held beliefs. Use the opportunity to take an objective look at your life and the situation that torments you. This questioning is intimately linked to your human nature, so do not look away and take advantage of the situation to evolve.

    • long-term

      When analyzed over the long term, the Two of Swords teaches the virtues of patience in decision-making. Impulsiveness can blind you. When faced with a dilemma, trust the finesse of your reasoning and instinct. They will allow you to make your decisions in a calm way, through understanding everything that is at stake in the situation.

    Full interpretation

    Interpretation of The Two of Swords upright

    When it appears in a divinatory tarot draw, the meaning of the Two of Swords is clear. This card symbolizes an internal conflict that the seeker is trying to resolve. It is about the difficulty of making a choice. Like the two crossed swords, it will be a question of fully accepting this period of struggle in order to emerge victorious.

    If it is often difficult to make a definitive decision, this is because the consequences of decisions are always significant. When you are in a relationship, how do you know if this person is really the right one? When you think about your professional life, how can you be certain there isn't a more satisfying job elsewhere? Making a choice involves accepting you may be wrong, sometimes badly so.

    So the temptation to stifle the problem and continue with the status quo is great. This is a major mistake. The conflicts that we experience never go away of their own volition. By pushing them aside, they will only reappear in the near future, even more complex to solve. You need to agree to be honest with yourself and confront the situation that is bothering you as objectively as possible. Your state of mind will then be more conducive to decision-making. Take the bull by the horns once and for all!

    Interpretation of The Two of Swords reversed

    The inverted Two of Swords also reflects the period of conflict the seeker is experiencing. However, the choices they have to make are not simply complex, but are often heartbreaking. Stuck between two unsatisfactory situations, the seeker can't make a choice despite all the efforts they have made. All the options presented to them will inevitably have harmful consequences. This situation affects them deeply.

    In this particularly difficult period, you must never be impulsive. It's better for you to accept that you need to patiently study what each option involves. The one which finally seems to be the least negative will have to be one you choose. If the difficulties persist, why not take a look at the problem from a different angle? The power of the intellect is infinite.